Personal Data Protection Agreement

This Clarification text aims to inform people that your data and various private information provided to MaxxClinic may be processed by MaxxClinic as specified in this Clarification text and for the purposes identified in the communiqué on the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 and the procedures and principles to be followed in the fulfilment of the lighting obligation.

Wholly or partly by automatic means, the personal data obtained by our company for the purposes mentioned in this text with the general principles of law and communiqué on a limited basis in the law and specified in terms of the processing of personal data will be processed by our company.

MaxxClinic internet sites and mobile applications through consulting an expert of your personal data to the users based on their visit to various information about a variety of ads made in the past, gathering and publishing the information collected in light of optimizing the ads, internet sites and mobile applications user-friendly for the acquisition of experience and work in the best way ensuring that the development of the internet site, providing the improvement of services and products to MaxxClinic. Facilitation of the use of the website services and your use of the website and MaxxClinic of a variety of interests and preferences of internet users on the internet is altered in a way that is geared to ensuring that they perform and deliver better services to users, and obtaining the statistical information necessary for the reporting of such information provision, commercial activities to develop MaxxClinic campaign aesthetic, to be made in the realization of special promotional activities advertising and marketing activities, Internet site, and via the website if you have given ads to be customized according to the interests of internet users, target audience membership of users requesting the work to be done in a variety with the aim of completing the process by consulting an expert can be treated as MaxxClinic information is limited. Besides, members appreciated the users’ products and services, usage habits, and work necessary to deliver better service to the customers and customized it according to various needs. Identical and execution of integrated marketing activities, conveying to us by filling out the contact form in the member MaxxClinic can be contacted, if members make a request in any way in this contact form, it may also operate in a limited way to take various actions to fulfil these requests.

Stipulated in the laws according to the communique and the law, if a contract can be established or is directly related to its performance, it is necessary to process personal data belonging to the parties to the arrangements for legal reasons that MaxxClinic is required to fulfil its legal obligation and MaxxClinic’s data is necessary to protect their life or body integrity., it is possible that the personal data specified in the relevant law can be processed in accordance with the terms and various purposes of processing and within the purposes clearly stated in this text.

MaxxClinic is informed your data for the purposes specified above aesthetic within or outside the country to various subsidiaries, group companies, business partners, affiliates, shareholders, and related services and service activities service to perform multiple co-collaborators in multiple conditions and processing by the relevant law specified for the processing of personal data may be transferred.

For your information.